You know you need to focus on cybersecurity. But there’s a lot you don’t know:

  • How can you separate the real solutions – the ones you actually need – from the hype?
  • What’s the best way to untangle the confusing alphabet soup of vendors, threats, and solutions?
  • How many layers SHOULD you have?
  • What is a reasonable profit margin?
  • How do you shift your clients’ perception of you from “IT Company” to “Security Expert”?
  • How do you have the conversation with your clients (and prospects) so that you can close a highly profitable cybersecurity sale?

Could you figure out the answers to those questions on your own? Probably! But it would take countless Google searches, endless webinars, several false starts, at least 16 packages of white board markers, and a ton of lost time and opportunity.

Or you could partner with us. Using our unique roadmap, we guide you through The 6 Steps To Cybersecurity Success. The goal is to accelerate your progress, allowing you to arrive at Step 6 without the mistakes. AND we’ll help you do this in the least amount of time possible.

MSP Sales Revolution was founded by Jennifer Bleam after she saw the struggle many IT companies had with taking security to market. While there are several reputable sales trainers in the channel, no one is providing security-specific training. Further, there is zero emphasis on helping IT companies implement what they’ve learned.

At MSP Sales Revolution, we take a unique approach to solving this problem: of course, we teach you how to sell cyber security as quickly (and profitably) as possible. But we also provide ongoing coaching, support, workbooks, and templates. You might need some knowledge; but what you really need is to act on the knowledge we provide.

What stage are you at? Download our 6 Steps To Cybersecurity Success Roadmap to find out.