We’ve Closed About A Dozen Current Clients

Before I started working with Jennifer, cybersecurity was just firewalls and backups. I wasn’t very confident in my ability to sell security to my SMB clients. The single biggest thing I gained out of working with Jennifer was gaining the confidence to truly focus on security. We’ve expanded our offering in a huge way and have closed about a dozen current clients. We’ve also done a security-focused training to a room of over a hundred people. Thanks to this training, we’ve been able to land new clients and have critical conversations with major clients’ legal departments and executives. I really can't recommend Jennifer highly enough!

Josh Weiss Founder, President, and CIO
L.A. Creative Technologies

Helped Us Generate Leads Worth At Least $7,000 Per Month!

“When you think of all the people that you could hire to build a new, or kick your existing sales team into shape- giving you the skills, systems, knowledge, accountability, and honest feedback, that will rocket your business forward, you would be a FOOL not to hire Jennifer Bleam and MSP Sales Revolution.  If you are looking for a person to let you off easy and give you the feel good advice you think you want to hear, Jennifer is the wrong hire.  However, if you want a bootcamp style, get stuff done fast and right approach to learning how to market your MSP and cybersecurity services, Jennifer MUST be your first hire.  We run a highly niched, nationwide, cyber security driven MSP service for chiropractors.  I simply let her listen to one of my sales calls, filled her in on our USP and our offerings to chiros and she took that and ran with it.   She helped us put a first class event/booth together and then helped us sell and generated leads worth at least ~$7K a month in new revenue when we close them.  She will challenge your paradigms and help you think through the decisions you made and determine if they are the best path.  The only way you go wrong is to NOT pick up the phone and call her now.”

Dan McCoy CEO
Micro Enterprises LLC and Techsubluxation.com

An Incredibly Valuable Asset

“I’ve been lucky enough to have had many great conversations with Jennifer Bleam. She’s always graciously willing to share her vast knowledge and experience. Her ability to troubleshoot sales and marketing challenges and make concrete suggestions for improvement has been invaluable. Her knowledge of the MSP channel is second-to-none. That combined with her desire to help MPSs scale profitably makes her an incredibly valuable asset for those lucky enough to work with her.”

Mike Brooks Director of Sales And Marketing
audIT Sales Presentation System

Translates Wisdom Into Words I Can Actually Put Into Action Today To Get More Results

There is a lot to love about working with Jennifer, but the #1 benefit I've gotten in my business is RESULTS! And, at the end of the day (or month or year), what's more important than that? Nada. Having someone to check in with regularly is inspiring (or frightening) depending on if I've done my homework or not… Plus she’s got a great personality and an always-on smile. AND there’s the way Jennifer translates the wisdom I’ve learned over so many years into words I can actually understand and put into action TODAY to get more results TONIGHT! The only person I can think of who shouldn't call Jennifer is someone whose idea of a good time is running around "doing more stuff" rather than focusing on getting actual results.

Daniel Bennett Owner
Get Bulletproof

A Wealth Of Knowledge For Cyber Security Sales Objection Handling

The moment I met Jennifer I knew I would learn a lot from her. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cyber security best practices, sales objection handling, and the overall implementation of security as a service for IT companies. Jennifer is a detail oriented go-getter who truly wants to see MSPs grow their business by selling security. Not only is she an extremely hard worker, she creates a fun and collaborative dynamic towards achieving your goals. If you want to learn to sell security quickly, work with Jennifer.

Alex Schoen Global Partner Manager
World Wide Technology

She Helped Me Realize That My Thinking Has Held Me Back From Implementation. That Shift Has Produced Massive Change And Action For Me.

Jennifer Bleam is a colleague and a coach which means she brings an independent view of where I am in my business, my marketing, and cybersecurity.  Our conversations are candid and helpful.  Jennifer asked me some pointed questions that really made me stop and be honest with myself.  I realized that my thinking has played role in holding me back from implementation.  Her simple questions have produced massive change and action for me.

Jeff Brodie Owner
Codefusion Communications Inc.

Most Motivating Person Ever!

“Jennifer brings so much to the table. Not only is she a very successful saleswoman, but she is able to speak persuasively, and teach passionately. She brings logic and a high level of energy to anyone who rubs shoulders with her. She is one of the single most motivated and motivating people I’ve ever met!”

Dawn Thomas former Director of Human Resources
CARVIR Cyber Security